Getting your beard recognized is not easy but a Man Wants, What a Man Wants
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Getting your beard recognized is not easy but a Man Wants, What a Man Wants

It’s no secret that I’m possibly the more (ahem) mature member of the Man Wants editorial team. The years just keep slipping by and as I struggle to comprehend that we’re now in October (Lord help us) a lifetime of experiences and a continuous fight against the elements has left me boasting a few frown lines, a silver tint and a beard full of secrets. I’m proud that I have a face that says, ‘I’m no stranger to adventure’ but a little disappointed that I didn’t invest in protecting my skin a more in my earlier years.

I was born into a generation which saw Clint Eastwood, Paul Newman and Steve McQueen riding fast motorcycles, smoking cigarettes and hitting the hay at night without the insurance of a night cream and a soothing Aloe Vera eye mask….

However, the reality is that skincare is not a luxury but a necessity to protect your biggest organ, regardless of gender. In recent times, younger generations of men are adopting a basic skincare routine with a suggested 58% of men ages 18-24 using some form of skincare product on the regular. Despite this recent advancement in male skincare consumer patterns, Mintel; a Global market research company discovered that just 32% of men aged between 55-64 have used some form of moisturising, skincare product. The facts are astounding but it’s never too late to start taking care of your face and with this in mind, we thought it was about time we banished the Autumn/Winter blues and introduced our readers to some of the Ultimate Man Wants Skincare Saviours – Easy to use skincare and cosmetics, just for men.

P.S I must state that, many products mentioned in this article were tried and sourced by me, way before I decided to write this article. So, I must thank all the brands which were willing for me to mention them!

Essential Beards – Beard & Facial Hair  

Your skin is not the only thing affected by the colder climate. Facial hair, beards and moustaches can become dry and prone to frizz across the winter months. If you’re like me, you’ll grow your beard a little thicker from October to combat the cold but it really helps to make a few slight changes with beard and moustache maintenance in autumn and winter to keep your facial hair feeling fresh and manageable.

Essential Beards offer a range of premium facial hair grooming products to cater for all your beard grooming needs and if you use a Beard Oil or Beard Balm, Essential Beards have an extensive collection of Beard Grooming and styling products available in a host of indulgent scents (seriously, they’re scent catalogue is incredible) to keep your facial hair glossy and smelling good. For a little extra insurance over winter, we recommend the Essential Beards, Beard Balm (available in 26 different scents) it acts as a leave-in conditioner and prevents split-ends and skin irritation from first use. 

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