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Apply a small amount of our product to clean skin inside the elbow or behind the ear. Cover and leave for 24 hours. Human skin changes daily, affected by emotions, diet, hormones, and the climate. 

We suggest that you choose a product to suit the season, i.e. a richer, more protective cream in the winter, lighter in the summer. Our skin/ beard care products are not a medication, and we can only make recommendation for suitability of our products in certain skin ailments & conditions. 

Any recommendations accepted by a purchaser are accepted entirely at the purchasers risk. Customer feedback is provided voluntarily, and as such it is based on individual perception & expectations from a particular product. 

By purchasing our products you accept responsibility to check with a professional before using any products that may interfere with drugs or medical conditions. By purchasing our products you recognise and accept the fact that that some natural ingredients, essential oils in particular, may still cause sensitivity in suseptible individuals and that Essential Beards/ Allure-Estore will not be held responsible for such occurences. 

We encourage those with sensitive skin to select our unscented products or purchase tester pots where applicable and performing a patch test on the skin for possible reactions.

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The customer should always satisfy themselves as to the ultimate suitability of a product for an intended application. ESSENTIAL BEARDS accepts no liability in the unlikely event of an adverse reaction occurring when using one of its products. ESSENTIAL BEARDS accepts no responsibility for incorrect use of information or products. BY ORDERING OUR PRODUCTS FROM OUR WEBSITE, EBAY STORE OR AMAZON MARKETPLACE YOU CONFIRM YOU HAVE READ THIS DISCLAIMER! AND THAT ESSENTIAL BEARDED IS NOT HELD LIABLE FOR ANY REACTIONS OCCURRED AND IS BINDING BY CONTRACT UPON PURCHASE AND AGREE TO ALL OF THIS..