Our Ethos

When Essential Beards set out to develop a beard grooming range that offered excellent value and consistent high quality, we wanted to do it right. Relentless attention to detail, a genuine interest in the needs of our customers and a finger placed firmly on the pulse of industry might be enough to create a great product, but we also wanted to make sure we didn’t cause any harm in the process. As such, we’ve set a few rules for ourselves. Not just to guide our own actions, but because we also know these matters mean a lot to our customers.

Ethical. Testing. Always

Extensive testing is always going to be an essential step in the development process of any cosmetic product. We had to embrace the importance of testing if we were going to produce a range of facial hair grooming products that our customers could trust. Many of which still use animal testing as a baseline.

That simply isn’t good enough for the Essential Beards team, which is why all our testing is done exclusively on US and never on animals. Looking good should never be at the expense of others and this is just one way that we ensure this.

High Quality Ingredients

We refuse to use anything but the very finest ingredients that we can find, across our entire product range. When products are developed using only natural ingredients, the quality of those ingredients has a direct impact on the final quality and effectiveness of that product. We base our entire product development methodology on this philosophy, which has required us to forge relationships with suppliers who understand how picky we are when it comes to our ingredients.

If an ingredient doesn’t meet our exacting quality standards, it doesn’t make it into our products. It’s that simple. In this way, our customers can be assured that care and attention has been paid to the development and production of any product they purchase from us.

Amazing beards for everyone

While beardless men may feel compelled to follow behind the shining example of masculinity that is a bearded man, we don’t want anyone with a beard to feel excluded from the joy of using our products. To this end, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that our products are vegetarian, halal and kosher. Let no philosophy get in the way of you having a beard that you can be truly proud of.

Designed for beards

Thanks to the resurgence in the popularity of beards and meticulously groomed facial hair, too many companies are labelling generic cosmetics as beard-care products. Grooming products for facial hair need to be developed and tested specifically for that purpose, as both the hair and the underlying skin are highly sensitive.

Every single product in the Essential Beards range has been developed, from the ground up, for use on facial hair and we only stock tools and accessories that make shaping and grooming your beard easier.